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PFLAG Enfield is an organization of LGBTQ+ people, parents, families, and allies who work together to create an
equitable and inclusive world.


PFLAG Enfield chapter was started in 2022 and is here to provide ongoing support, education, and advocacy to all Enfield, CT, and area towns parents, family, friends, allies, and LGBTQ+ persons.  We accomplish this through:

  • Support for families, allies, and people who are LGBTQ

  • Education for ourselves and others about the unique issues and challenges facing people who are LGBTQ

  • Advocacy in our communities to change attitudes and create policies and laws that achieve full equality for people who are LGBTQ

Our Mission

Our mission is to build on a foundation of loving families united with LGBTQ people and allies who support one another and to educate ourselves and our communities to speak up as advocates until all hearts and minds respect, value, and affirm LGBTQ people.

Board of Directors

Who We Are

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Community Engagement Director

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